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      Ribbons are proud to be an industry leader in the manufacture of seatbelt webbing for vehicles and child safety seats

      Seatbelts are considered a Primary Restraint System because of the vital role they play in the safety of drivers and passengers in vehicles.

      Here at Ribbons, our highly experienced team have extensive knowledge of safety belt manufacturing.  All our seatbelt webbings are manufactured to worldwide directives and can be made to vehicle manufacturers’ exact specifications.


      • Seatbelt restraint systems for vehicles, buses, forklifts, aircraft, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, forklifts
      • Child safety harnesses
      • Racing harnesses for motorsport
      • Retrofit of vehicles and machinery without seatbelts



      Our quality, reliability, and integrity have led to satisfied customers from some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, including Volkswagen and Aston Martin.  Our loyal customer base amongst leading car manufacturers and seatbelt restraint system manufacturers is a testament to the high quality of the webbing and narrow fabrics manufactured at our 55,000 square foot facility.

      Ribbons are also trusted suppliers to some of the leading racing harness manufacturers in motorsport and our webbing can be found ensuring the safety of some of the worlds’ most prominent racing drivers.


      Close cooperation with automotive design personnel, utilising computer-controlled colour matching technology, coordinates the seatbelt webbing with the interior of the vehicle.  Utilising our expert in house dyeing process, colour fastness and durability are assured.

      Specialised coatings, including flame-retardant and water repellent coatings, can be added during the finishing process to meet customer specifications.


      Ribbons are fully certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard, offering full quality assurance to our customers.  Our expert design team work closely with manufacturers of seatbelt restraint systems and child safety harnesses.  Our fully equipped laboratory offers in house testing to customer requirements.   All our seatbelt webbings are manufactured to strict international directives and safety specifications.

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