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      Our 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses four warping machines, fifty weaving looms and four dye machines.


      Fifty weaving looms are available, ranging from traditional shuttle looms to modern, fast needle looms.  This gives us the capability to produce a very wide range of webbing types, from lightweight thin profile webbing to wide heavy duty webbing for lifting slings.


      A shuttle loom is a traditional weaving machine.  The advantages of shuttle loom over a needle loom are that the machine can produce a seamless tube and items with two woven edges.

      NEEDLE LOOM (shuttleless loom)

      In a needle loom a needle passes the yarn through the thread where it is anchored and passed back to the starting point before the warp yarns change the pattern.  This manufactures one woven edge and one knitted edge.


      • Military and defence for use in clothing, parachutes, armour and tactical gear
      • Emergency and rescue services for use in clothing, equipment, armour and tactical gear
      • Height safety industry including fall protection harnesses for working at height
      • Sport and leisure industry for safety harnesses, ropes, parachutes, clothing and equipment
      • Mining, gas, oil and construction industries for lifting and Personal Protective Equipment
      • Transport industry for load securing
      • Automotive and aviation industry for safe belts
      • The marine industry for ropes, nets, rescue and safety equipment and lifting equipment
      • Medical sector for patient lifting and transport

      Our highly experienced workforce has worked in webbing manufacturing for many years and our team have extensive knowledge of yarns, dyes and coating techniques.

      Our manufacturing process utilises four warping machines, one with the latest laser technology for yarn fault detection.  We have the capacity to supply our weaving looms for the production of all webbing types.

      Fifty weaving looms are available, ranging from traditional shuttle looms to modern, fast needle looms.  This gives us the capability to produce webbing from very lightweight, thin profile webbing to wide, heavy-duty sling webbing.



      Four dye machines give us the versatility and capacity to dye polyester and nylon webbing, ranging from small bespoke dye batches to large volume production runs.

      Our large scale continuous dye range allows us to dye large volumes of webbing whilst ensuring uniformity of colour in our batch productions.  Our computer-controlled spectrophotometer offers excellent results in colour matching webbing to customer requirements.


      We are also able to offer various coatings and finishes on our products, including;

      • Fire retardant (FR)
      • Water repellent
      • Antibacterial
      • Mould resistant
      • Polyurethane
      • Acrylic stiffening agent

      We offer pre-shrinkage on our polyester webbing and can provide stencil printing and cutting services to customer requirements.

      Our webbing can be supplied in a loose or rolled state.

      Ribbons hold a number of commonly used webbings in stock for immediate order and can hold contract stock for call-off orders.

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      Ribbons is fully certified to IS0 9001: 2015, offering full quality assurance to our customers.  We work closely with customers to understand their needs and adhere to all relevant international directives and safety specifications where required.

      Contact a member of our experienced team to discuss your requirements.

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