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"At Ribbons we manufacture all our webbing in our UK manufacturing facility based in Treorchy. All webbing is made under our accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2008."

manufacturing at ribbons


We have personnel with a huge amount of experience who have worked in the weaving dyeing and finishing process for many years gaining vast amounts of knowledge on yarns, dyes and coating techniques.

Below is more information on the process.

With four warping machines, one with the latest laser technology for yarn fault detection, we have the capacity to supply our weaving looms for the production of all webbing types.

Fifty weaving looms are available ranging from traditional shuttle looms to modern fast needle looms. This gives us the capability to produce webbing from very light weight 12 mm wide webbing to 300 mm heavy duty sling webbing.

Four dye machines gives us the versatility and capacity to dye both nylon and polyester webbing, ranging from small bespoke dye batches to very large production runs of over 100,000 metres.

Computerised colour matching and prediction gives the ability to colour match webbing to customer requirements and enables us to maintain control of colour. We are also able to apply various coatings such as water resistant, stiff / soft finish, anti–bacterial, polyurethane, etc. We have the capability to stencil print our webbing, and also offer cutting and sewing services as required.