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      The Ribbons sling webbing range is designed and manufactured for the industry with safety in mind.  Flat and round sling options are available to meet all customer needs, from light to heavy industrial lifting.

      Flat Webbing Slings

      Flat webbing slings are constructed from polyester with an eye at each end. Flat slings are flexible, lightweight and portable whilst being strong and durable.  The flexibility of flat webbing slings offers enhanced shock absorption and its wide load-bearing capabilities make it ideal for use in applications requiring protection of the loads being lifted.

      Round Tubular Slings

      Our lifting sling range offers a tubular polyester which is used in the production of round slings, or endless slings, available in widths from 49mm to 300mm. Ribbons also offer twisted polyester yarn for use in the production of round slings.  Round slings are flexible yet incredibly strong, offering enhanced surface protection for loads being lifted.


      • Heavy lifting in industries such as oil, gas, construction
      • Marine industry for lifting boats

      Sling Webbing Products

      25mmViolet (plain) 4500kgs
      30mmViolet (1BI) 4500kgs
      50mmGreen or Violet (plain) 9,000kgs
      60mmGreen (2BI) 9,000kgs
      75mmYellow (Plain) 13,500kgs
      90mmYellow (3BI) 13,500kgs
      100mmGrey (plain) 18,500 kgs
      120mmGrey (4BI) 18,500 kgs
      125mmRed (plain) 22,500kgs
      149mmRed (5BI) 22,500 kgs
      150mmBrown (plain) 30,000kgs
      180mmBrown (6BI) 30,000kgs
      200mmBlue (plain) 40,000 kgs
      240mmBlue (8BI) 40,000 kgs
      250mmOrange (plain) 45,000kgs
      299mmOrange (10BI) 45,000 kgs
      300mmOrange (Plain) 54,000 kgs



      Ribbons sling webbing is available pigment dyed or in loom state.

      Specialised coatings are available for all our sling webbing, including;

      • Fire-resistant (FR)
      • Water repellent
      • Antibacterial
      • Anti-mold/mildew
      • Anti-abrasion

      We can also manufacture technical fibres such as Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) often manufactured under the brand name Dyneema® and aramid fibres, often manufactured under the brand name Kevlar®.  These technical yarns offer exceptionally high breaking strengths whilst being soft and lightweight, which can be of particular benefit in lifting applications.  See our technical yarns section for more information.


      Safety is of paramount importance; all of our flat and round sling webbing is tried and tested to the highest of standards and is manufactured to Duplex webbing’s safety ratio of 7:1.  We can also manufacture made to order sling webbing with a safety ratio of 8:1 in both nylon and polyester.

      Our sling webbing is colour coded for breaking strength as per international requirements. Our webbings are expertly designed to ensure that the stitch pattern on made up products is effective and efficient, with minimal strength loss after sewing.  We offer British standard width plain colours and European standard colours inclusive of black strength identification lines (i-dents) to assist in the identification of safe sling working loads. Ribbons are fully certified to ISO 9001, offering full quality assurance.

      Contact a member of our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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